Project Overview

Aiming to break down the institutional barriers to crypto staking, Foundry engaged our team for the front-end design and development of a dual-layered web application consisting of a marketing layer and a self-service client portal.

Since the web application includes a wealth of information about cryptocurrency, Foundry selected Upstate Interactive based on our niche knowledge and extensive experience in the blockchain space.


With a rapidly growing client base, Foundry sought a solution that would enable continuous expansion of the staking portion of their business without expending resources.

The company wanted to eliminate its manual “white-glove” process and provide a user-friendly way for organizations to leverage cryptocurrency and blockchain as profitable assets through staking.


Working with Foundry’s internal team of back-end developers, we leveraged our niche industry expertise to build and launch the dual-layered web application.

  • The marketing layer of the site serves as an outreach and lead generation tool where Foundry can share relevant content, attract new investors, and capture new leads.
  • The self-service client portal empowers their existing clients to securely connect wallets, invite team members to participate, monitor assets, and stake against blockchain protocols.

Project Phases

Our workflow helps us create and produce the best work possible.

  1. 1


    The Discovery phase incorporated user research, UI/UX mockups, architecture diagrams, and planning/forecasting.

  2. 2

    MVP Build: Marketing Layer

    The MVP Build for the site’s marketing layer included converting discovery items into designs using full-stack JavaScript.

  3. 3

    Launch: Marketing Layer

    The Launch phase for the site’s marketing layer achieved an internal deployment along with a public launch.

  4. 4

    Post MVP: Marketing Layer

    The Post-MVP phase for the site’s marketing layer addressed questions and resolved feedback from the launch.

  5. 5

    MVP Build: Client Portal

    The MVP Build for the self-service client portal included front-end development and functionality testing.

  6. 6

    Launch: Client Portal

    The Launch phase for the site’s client portal achieved an internal deployment for feedback along with a public launch.

“Foundry is dedicated to growth across New York State, so we were very excited to work with a local vendor of Upstate’s caliber with blockchain knowledge. Upstate is a valuable partner working to bring the best products and experiences to our customers.”

Josh Byun, CTO at Foundry

Technologies Used

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About The Client

A subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, Foundry is a financing and advisory company focused on digital asset mining and staking. With the mission of empowering a decentralized infrastructure for a digital world, Foundry provides digital asset mining businesses with capital and intelligence.