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Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the backbone of decentralized applications. We use Solidity to build and deploy custom smart contracts to testnets and mainnets, strategically architecting smart contracts that are modular, intuitive, and easy for other developers to build on top of.

DApp Development & Web3 Integrations

Our experienced Ethereum developers write the conditions for the decentralized application, connect the smart contracts to the front end with Web3 technologies, and confirm effective data transmissions before deploying the dApp to testnet and mainnet.

Product Ownership

Our product owners liaise between stakeholders and Agile Scrum teams throughout the development process. Their unique industry insights — gained from previous ground-breaking projects — strengthen their ability to translate stakeholder objectives into tasks for development while maintaining conceptual and technical integrity.

UI/UX Design

With thorough research, user stories, wireframing, and prototyping, we develop impactful UI/UX designs to maximize your dApp's usability and long-term success. Our design technologists follow and enhance industry best practices to create highly intuitive, user-friendly applications that stand out from the competition.

Blockchain Consulting

We understand the blockchain space may feel like unfamiliar territory. We'll work with you to identify opportunities for blockchain to be incorporated into your organization and provide unique insights to help ease the adoption of blockchain into your business model.

Staff Augmentation

Every blockchain project calls for unique talent and experience. We'll work with you to determine what skills are needed for the project and pull from our diverse team of product owners, designers, and engineers to staff your project with expertise you can count on.

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Our blockchain roots run deep.

"Foundry is dedicated to growth across New York State, so we were very excited to work with a local vendor of Upstate’s caliber with blockchain knowledge. Upstate is a valuable partner working to bring the best products and experiences to our customers."

Josh Byun, CTO at Foundry

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