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Guiding Principles

Some companies call them core values, we call them our guiding principles. These are the five fundamental principles that make us who we are.

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    Embrace Lifestyle

    Lifestyle choices are best made by individuals. We shape ourselves to accept every employee, every client, every partner in their individual way of living.

  • 2

    Chase Curiosity

    Insatiable curiosity leads to creative solutions. We chase our curiosity wherever it leads us because the answer is never where it's expected.

  • 3

    Propel People

    Our strength is measured by the strength of our people. We create and share opportunities with our coworkers, enterprise partners, and fellow technologists.

  • 4

    Choose Optimism

    When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade. We choose to tackle each day, project, and obstacle with unwavering optimism.

  • 5

    Conjure Magic

    Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We conjure software products that transform the mundane into the sublime.

Perks and Benefits

We not only make a difference for our clients, but also for our employees.

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Unlimited PTO

We offer unlimited PTO for our employees to enjoy, with a mandatory minimum of 5 days per year.

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Retirement Plan

We provide a SIMPLE IRA plan with up to a 3% match of your salary.

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Health Care

We provide a monthly stipend to help you cover the cost of your health insurance.

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Remote Culture

We encourage everyone to work where they are most productive through a 100% remote culture.

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