Project Overview

With the end goal of connecting NFT collectors with digital artists, Creaticles asked our team to assist in the design, development, and launch of their NFT marketplace.

Since the NFT community consists of Web3 users and early adopters of decentralization, Creaticles selected Upstate Interactive based on our unique combination of UI/UX, Web3, and smart contract development experience.


Previously, NFT collectors didn’t have an outlet to request custom NFTs from artists as traditional art collectors do. To bring a much-needed advancement to the NFT space, Creaticles had started the back-end development of a marketplace but sought help moving the project to a fully functional, user-friendly state.

The company wanted to strengthen the existing back-end foundation and connect it to a user-friendly front-end interface, creating a seamless experience for collectors and artists.


Building off of Creaticles’ existing back-end foundation and list of ideal features, we leveraged our unique combination of design and development experience to build and launch the user-friendly NFT marketplace on testnet and mainnet.

Deployed from a cold storage wallet, the live version on Ethereum is easy to use and feature-packed, seamlessly connecting custom NFT collectors with artists.

  • NFT collectors can connect wallets, request custom NFTs, view submissions from artists, select winners, and have their NFTs minted.
  • Artists can connect wallets, submit art, earn cryptocurrencies, and build their reputations.


Our workflow helps us create and produce the best work possible.

  1. 1

    Discovery & UI/UX Planning

    Phase 1 consisted of mapping the UI/UX design with wireframes and programming the front end of the platform based on Creaticles’ list of ideal features.

  2. 2

    Development: Testnet Launch

    Phase 2 involved connecting the smart contracts to the front end with Web3 technologies, confirming effective data transmissions, and deploying the prototype to testnet.

  3. 3

    Development: Mainnet Launch

    Phase 3 entailed building new features based on end-user feedback, digging into the smart contract builds for adjustments, and deploying the final marketplace to Ethereum.

“Creaticles encourages collectors and artists to collaborate and bring new ideas to life in a fun, engaging way. Thanks to our combined efforts with Upstate Interactive, the marketplace is easy to navigate and enjoyable to use for everyone.”

Trevor Keith, CTO of Creaticles


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About The Client

Creaticles is the blockchain industry’s first custom NFT request platform that connects businesses and individuals with creators. Any enthusiast with an idea can request custom NFTs, and the artists who bring those ideas to life get to build their reputation and earn rewards via cryptocurrencies. Users can engage in various contest modes to ensure their requests for NFTs — such as memes, logos, games, and web assets — are minted as requested.