Project Overview

With a mission to empower user-curated cryptocurrency asset pools, Pollen engaged our team for the custom smart contract development of their community-powered DAO and governance token.

Since the platform is rebuilding asset management from the ground up, they selected Upstate Interactive based on our extensive experience building smart contracts and DeFi protocols.


Previously, the decentralized financial ecosystem involved high levels of risk and complexity, often limiting opportunities to tech-savvy investors with industry experience.

To provide crypto traders of all levels with an easy, safe way to manage portfolios as part of a community, Pollen aimed to launch a decentralized asset management platform and governance token but needed modular smart contracts that would satisfy investor-grade standards.


Leveraging our DeFi smart contract development experience, we’re architecting a collection of custom smart contracts that manage the DAO, its portfolio allocations and investments, and its index tokens. The collection includes:

  • An upgradable DAO contract and DAO storage contract
  • A series of modules that contain the DAO’s logic (each with its own storage contract), including a delegation module, portfolio module, proposals module, rate quoter module, and voting module
  • Token contracts that mitigate risk and combat volatility


Our workflow helps us create and produce the best work possible.

  1. 1

    Discovery & User Stories

    Phase 1 involves identifying software requirements, performing stakeholder interviews, conducting technical research, and mapping feedback-driven user stories.

  2. 2


    Phase 2 incorporates designing the smart contract architectures with storage, complexity, logic flows, functionality, layer 2 solutions, and upgradeability considerations.

  3. 3

    Development & Implementation

    Phase 3 entails developing the requirements and user stories using Agile Scrum Methodology and integrating the contracts with the front-end interface on testnet.

  4. 4

    Security Audit

    Phase 4 consists of a security audit from a trusted third party, addressing security warnings, confirming test coverage for all use cases, and manually testing the contracts.

  5. 5

    Deployment & Monitoring

    Phase 5 involves deploying the smart contracts to mainnet and continuously monitoring them for anomalous behavior.

“The Pollen DeFi protocol and ecosystem is shaking up classical finance with community-managed crypto asset portfolios enabled by code. Upstate Interactive has been a valuable partner in building that ecosystem.”

Philip Verrion, Co-founder and Project Lead at Pollen DeFi


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About The Client

Pollen DeFi is the first decentralized asset index where the community holds all the power. The DAO enables the creation and distribution of low volatility DeFi index tokens and utilizes the reserve pool to distribute yield among DAO members. Providing a merit-based governance protocol with incentives that leverage the community’s collective wisdom to curate asset pools, all users stand to benefit from the contributions of the best-performing participants.